LA Dodgers

  • 2014 MLB postseason has started. Can LA Dodgers get to the World Series and be the champion? I wish 2014 tons of unbelievable heavy good luck will be with them. Especially with RYU who is the reason I support LA Dodgers.


  • Recently I'm into opera music. I think that many famous operas around us have the power that can touches us with their melodies alone without knowing their stories. Especially Mozart's.


  • I was happy with a line I met while Tumblring, that was saying " Someone else is happy with less than what you have."

Thank you guys!

  • I'd like to thank my Tumblr friends who encouraged me to go on learning English. If I master English someday, I'll remember you ha ha...


  • Learning English is a lot of fun but at the same time the fact that I spent over 30 minutes to write this sentence makes me depressed and frustrated. Maybe I have to decide whether I continue to learn it or not.